Youtube MP3 Podcaster is the easy solution for downloading MP3s from Youtube and other Video sites. MP3s download directly instead of through a website. That makes it faster and more convenient.

Version 3.7.4 adds back Full HD (1080p) audio, Ogg Vorbis Support, iTunes support, more download fixes and supports MP3 tagging!

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    Download support for most flash video sites

  1.,, and more

  2. MP3 Volume Control

  3. Volume is automatically adjusted for optimal sound

  4. Multiple download options

  5. MP3, MP4, FLV & 3GP!

  6. Inline links at

  7. Download links are added straight to Youtube's video page. Additional site links (Like Dailymotion) load in the toolbar button.

  8. Clippers

  9. Click the scissors picture and they starts moving. Pause the video on youtube and start your download. You download will begin from where you paused! Great for cutting out dead air and long introductions. (Clipper support is comming for pages other than

  10. Bit rate slider

  11. Choose your bitrate for your MP3!

  12. Toolbar support

  13. YoutubeMP3Podcaster's toolbar icon loads up links for ease of use.

  14. Error logging

  15. YoutubeMP3Podcaster's will log errors for quick fixes.

New projects comming soon!

About Us

YoutubeMP3Podcaster was began in December of 2010. The software began as a solution to download videos on youtube without the need of external sites. It is available under the Mozilla Public License v1.1.

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